Friday, 14 September 2012

Read this

You won't regret it.

Minutes of the Crapburgh Cycling Campaign (August)


  1. Freewheeler is back with a vengance! :-)

    Although this is almost a copy of our neigbourhood forum minutes. Too true to be funny...

  2. This is SCARY, whether it's real or fake (and being foreign I can't tell) I am NOT going to let my son read this! He'll just get nightmares.
    I'll just let him ride his (low recumbent) bike for a while on the cyclepath next to our country road.

    1. Interesting you can't tell whether it's true or fake. It's fake: it is satire, but it is an exaggerated version of reality.

      It sounds from your screen name as if you are Dutch. The point is that you have a cycle path next to your country road on which your son can cycle. In the UK we do not have these. This is the problem. The article is displaying, in exaggerated form, the arguments that have been used to prevent that situation from being changed in the UK.

    2. Without getting into theological debate, I would say that it is true in the sense that many Christians regard, say, the book of Genesis as true - not a literal, verbatim account, but useful, helpful and illustrative nonetheless.