Tuesday, 14 June 2011

LCC organises another petition

.....but with a fun twist this time, a photo of you and your bike, and maybe a 20mph roundel sign. They say:
It only takes a minute, when we’ve enough photos we’re going to show them off in a very public place in a highly visible but obviously still legal kind of way.
So this is your big chance to tell the Mayor ‘face to face’ that he must grant Londoners the freedom to cycle and walk by making our streets safer.
 This freedom starts with keeping Blackfriars Bridge 20mph, and means the Mayor taking on the traffic-management bureaucrats who sacrifice our safety to keep more cars moving faster.
So, yeh, it's another petition. We had one about the lorries just a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the London cabbies threaten to blockade London, to bring it to a standstill, over the issue of them being banned from the Olympic VIP road network in 2012.

I wonder which action will be more effective.

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